About Bernedoodles


A bernedoodle is a blend of a Poodle and a Bernese Mountain dog.  The lifespan of Bernedoodles varies on the size.  As is most breeds, the smaller the dog, the longer the lifespan.  Standard Bernedoodles are known to live to be 12-15 years, Miniatures 13-17 years and toys as much as 18 years.

Bernedoodles are still a fairly “new breed”. Even though it is not a recognized breed with the Canadian Kennel Club (nor any other recognized Kennel club), there are many tests that can be done on the parents prior to breeding to try to ensure that these are not passed through breeding.  Our dogs pass many health tests prior to breeding including hips, elbows, eyes and heart clearances.   As we all know, nothing is perfect, but we do everything we can to avoid any type of health issues.

Cancer is known to be the leading disease to cause death among dogs, however, Bernedoodles to date (even though it is a fairly new hybrid it has still been around for several years), are not know to having a lot of deaths due to cancer.



There are three major groups of coats for Bernedoodles. Unfortunately, there is no dog that is completely hypo-allergenic. Fortunately some people with allergies can tolerate and can even be fine with Bernedoodles. The curlier the coat the less likely you will have reactions to the coat. There are different reactions by everyone with allergies, some are allergic to the dander others to saliva. Should you have an allergy to saliva, then it would definitely be a better choice to look at a toy or miniature Bernedoodle.

Straight – More rare, but will more than likely shed a little (far less than a Bernese).

Wavy – Less likely to shed or very little – usually people with mild allergies are ok with this type of coat.

Curly – Non-shedding, easier for people with allergies.

Bernedoodles need to be groomed 3-4 times a year and they need to be brushed regularly. Most Bernedoodles love to be brushed, we introduce them to regular brushing before they leave for their new homes.



There are three sizes of Bernedoodles:

Standard Bernedoodle – a Cross of a Standard Poodle and a Bernese Mountain dog.  23 – 29 inches at the shoulder. Usual weights are between 50 – 80 lbs.

Miniature Bernedoodle – a cross of a Miniature Poodle and a Bernese Mountain dog. 18-22 inches at the shoulder. Usual weights are between 25-49lbs.

Tiny Bernedoodle – a cross of a Toy Poodle with a Miniature Bernedoodle.  12-17 inches at the shoulder. Usual weights are between 10-24 lbs.




F1 – a first generation cross of a Poodle and a Bernese Mountain dog.

F1B – A Bernedoodle backcrossed with a poodle. More likely to be non-shedding. Can also be backcrossed with a Bernese Mountain dog, these pups end up with more of the Bernese traits but more likely to shed as well.

F2 – a second generation, the result of two F1 Bernedoodles bred together.