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Lola is a beautiful Bernedoodle.  She is a fun loving and energetic girl. She loves playing fetch and is always ready for anyone to throw a ball for her.  She is very outgoing and so intellegent. She loves everyone she meets, people and furry friends. She loves playing with our children and cats as well.  But she also really likes her quiet time, she thinks she is a little lap dog, she has figured out that if she can sit on me and not have any part of her on the actual couch, then we can’t tell her to get down She has a beautiful brown coat with reverse markings of a Bernese Mountain dog.  She is completely non shedding and has a wonderful easy maintanance coat.  Loves to be brushed and pampered, as soon as she sees the brush she gets so excited. She will just let me roll her over or manipulate her in any way as long as I have the brush in my hands.

What a beautiful girl. She has such a great personality.  She loves belly rubs an cuddling.  She will run and get on the couch before you have time to sit down. She really loves to give you a hug… she gently gets her two paws around your neck and just pulls you in and literally cuddles. She is our little cuddle bug. She sometimes seems to get into a little mischief and there is no denying ``who done it``, the guilt is all over her face, it’s too hard to even get mad at her.  She knows how to get your attention and make everyone fall in love with her. Lucie is on the smaller side, she is just right for our miniatures. She has wonderful markings and seems to know how gorgeous she really is. She always sits proud. We got Lucie and her sister from a breeder in the United States. What a great addition to our family. Both of the girls have wonderful temperaments even though they are so different.

Maggie is a beautiful loyal girl. She is just a gem. Maggie is a wonderful gentle soul.  She has a great, stocky body and a lustruous shiny coat.  She is very affectionate and loves being around people as much as other dogs.  She will sit on our feet and sweetly ask for constant petting…. It is so hard to say no to her sweet puppy eyes. She is as happy running and playing with our other dogs as she is just relaxing as taking it easy. She has a fantastic temperament She is calm and laid back.  Even though she is a big girl she is really gentle with kids and smaller dogs, she seems to know her size and is extra carful around little ones. We received Maggie at 10 weeks old fom a breeder in the United States, along with her sister Lucy.  It was a long drive but so worth it, what a fantastic pair.

What a magnificent Parti colored Standard Poodle girl. Sophie is just what you would expect when people say Poodle. She is so poised and elegant.  She walks with grace and seems to float when she strides.  She is sweet and loyal and so intellegent. She enjoys the companionship of all of our family members, big and small, furry or human. We were so lucky to get Sophie from a breeder in New Jersey.  She was trained as a therapy dog up until 1 year old, she has the perfect temperament. Sophie is calm and loving, she is so patient, all the little ones seem to sense it and love to play with her most of all.

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